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Further to provide our core services, we are focused in selecting the best options to your logistics requirements, considering the type of operation of your company and assuring a customized solution to the lower cost possible.
We always try hard to establish long term relationships and of mutual benefits with our clients and strategic partners all over the world. This relationships are based in honesty, compromise, confidence and mutual respect.
Along our history, we have been chosen by important logistics providers as their counterpart in Ecuador, confident with the experience, commitment and reliability of our advisory team. On this premises, we have participated with them in some important projects in Ecuador within the energy, oil, forestall sectors and the logistics of important events.
To choose an ideal freight forwarder or logistics partner to/from Ecuador can be a difficult task, specially if considering the complexity of your business and the need to have a just-in-time logistics for your cargo, from the placement of an order until the products or consignment reaches its final destination. Here at Tecomp S.A. would like you to feel comfortable with that decision and have prepared a portfolio of each of our services within the different business units we have, which will help you to consider us as your strategic partner.

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