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Other Services

Import/Export Licenses and Authorizations:
Some import goods require an import license before being landed. We help our customers to get those licenses or authorizations from governmental entities which is required for importing or exporting goods: Production Ministry (MIPRO), Health Ministry, INH, Agrocalidad, IEPI, Consep, etc.
Compliance certificates
INEN quality certificates
Ministry of Production's import licences
Ministry of Transportation's import licences for diesel powered vehicles
Due dilligence with COMEX
Investment contracts with Ecuadorian Government
Import/export registration
Origin certificates
Sanitary registration and renewal
Phytosanitary and Ictiosanitary certificates

Legal, Tax and Corporate Services:
We are partnering Lawnetworker S.A., one of the leading legal consultants in Ecuador, specialized in tax and fiscal consultancy, corporate law, societary counseling, mergers, incorporation of companies, etc. Along with their team of professionals, we propose an integral service of legal counceling under one roof, and our selected clientele benefits with a complementary advisory in Customs law and procedures for an accurate aplication of import duties and taxes.
Thru this strategic alliance and incorporated to LATAXNET (Latin American Tax &Legal Network), we look for our consolidation as your best professional option for tax, fiscal and customs consultancy,, assuring the highest standards of quality and confidence.
Legal, corporate, tax and labor counseling
Customs law and procedures, import duties application
Counseling and assistance in charter parties
Due diligence and administration of foreign commerce documents
International contracts
Counseling and assistance in letter of credit negotiations

Cargo Insurance:
Importers and exporters are exposed to countless financial risks when they fail to insure their international shipments. Considering the many perils cargo faces during transit, securing All Risk insurance should be a top priority. We have implemented an in-house insurance broker, who will provide you with superior insurance coverage.
Our experienced staff can provide everything you need to protect your investment. Be informed about the risks (General Average, water damage, fire, collision, theft, etc) and let us manage your cargo insurance.
Risk Evaluation and Risk Management
Policies Comparisons
Issuance, administration and cancellation of insurance policies
Insurance claims
Permanent counceling in cargo insurance

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