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Household Goods

If you have a working visa or have decided to migrate to Ecuador or are planning to do so, please give us the opportunity to assist you along your decision and this process, with accurate and updated information about the requirements for applying an import tax waiver on your household goods, tools or vehicle importation.
We can help you with all the paperwork to grant the import tax waiver and will take care about all the logistic process from origin to your final destination in Ecuador. We have agents in most countries around the world to assist you with origin documentation.

Our Services:
We evaluate the immigrant legal status and his/her eligibility for taxes waivers
Assistance on the preparation of a sworn statement and required appendixes
Coordination with air and ocean carriers for international transportation
Preparation of all needed documents for customs clearance
IRS Registration of the immigrant's vehicle
Direct assistance with customs inspection of immigrant's household goods
Customs clearance
Nationwide transportation to your final destination in Ecuador
Legal counseling on legal obligations and rights about your household goods importation


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