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Import / Export

As a logical consequence of our services and taking advantage of our worldwide network of agents and strategic partners, we have added value in the form of a new line of business that will help Ecuadorian and regional producers to negotiate their products in some international markets. Likewise to international buyers, the access to highly demanded Ecuadorian products, complemented with a reliable logistics and shipping service; all under the same roof.
Our trading associates will help you to find a market for your product and assist you with all stages of an export process, including: international contract negotiation, letters of credit preparation or revision, banking and all other legal aspects until the whole negotiation has been accepted to satisfaction by both parties involved.
We also offer a purchasing and procurement service abroad, mainly for industry, transport, energy and oil industries. Our associates are in Houston, Miami and New York, with plans to extend this service from China and Europe.

Our Services:
Attracting business portfolio  
Advisory in the assessment of new international businesses
Collection of information from importer or exporter to create an import/export database
Collection of appropriate documentation for a successful business management
Promotion of foreign businesses  
Targeting, qualifying and registration of prospective buyers 
Mediation in negotiations between sellers and buyers
Training of sellers and buyers in trade issues to achieve a successful closure
Purchasing and procurement services
Assistance with import/export procedures  


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