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About Us


We are a young company with a vast experience in logistics and international shipping. We focus in providing integrated logistics solutions, custom tailored to our customers needs. We work in a multi-disciplinary team to analyze each requirement, go deep into details, assuming our compromise with responsibility and pride to provide an integrated solutions package. This compromise is oriented to help our customers in improving the competitiveness of their business. Our main objective is to provide all logistics services under one single roof.



Our Mission
To provide our customers with a package of solutions in logistics and foreign trade, integrated under one single label and tailored to their specific needs.

Our Vision
To be Ecuador's leading logistics services provider, keeping our compromise to do whatever is necessary to fulfill our customers expectations, with the best possible service and delivering our best solutions effectively in terms of substantial savings in time and money, for a global demand for quality and competitiveness.

Our Core Values
Agility, compromise, dedication, creativity, ethic, proactive, transparency, honesty, accessibility, productivity.

Our Team
We are a group of experienced professionals linked to the shipping and logistics industry, and fully capable in assisting our customers and users in all their needs in foreign trade.

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